Thursday, March 28, 2019

Freemason Abbey Restaurant

During our nearly week-long stay in Norfolk back in January, when we were still house-hunting, our roommate Zach introduced us to this restaurant. Never ones to shy away from a good meal, we went along. 

The building is, as the name suggests, an old Freemasons building, and the have kept the historical integrity beautifully inside. Not to mention the absolutely delicious food.

To start off, each of us got our respective appetizers (food sharing just wasn't an option with this one, apparently. Insert eye roll here.) Joe ordered a bowl of their famous she crab soup and gave it his southern fisherman's seal of approval. I ordered a classic for myself, with their fried calamari. These were by no means wimpy calamari either, these were about two inches across, tender, perfectly breaded, and came with the most delicious marinara for dipping. I fell in love immediately.

For my dinner, I ordered something that I wasn't entirely sure on; beef and pasta don't necessarily go together in my mind. However, the Smoked Gouda Tenderloin Penne was easily the single most delicious food I'd eaten in over a year, hands down. The steak tenderloin lived up to its name, and the gouda sauce was divine. 

All-in-all, an amazing special occasion restaurant that we will certainly be returning to!


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