Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Upcycled $5 Media Stand to Record Player Cabinet

Something I have always enjoyed about looking through interior design magazines is seeing the various different activities people gave their own dedicated spaces to within the home. You can always tell what someone is passionate about based on what gets its own special place in the home. Some people have a little bar cabinet to house their spirits with decanters of bourbon on top, others have entire rooms dedicated to their computer and console gaming systems.

My husband and I have 2 "designated stations" in our home: one is a special cabinet for our Keurig, coffee mugs, and tea/coffee paraphernalia (I'll feature our coffee station in a future post!) and the other is our Music Station, which took us some searching.



I originally planned to build a simple stand and organizer for our record player out of wooden crates, but the crates ended up not being what I thought they were. Our record player was my husband's from high school, and it's an awesome combo CD/Cassette/LP/Radio... and bulky. It was taking up so much space on the kitchen counter and we had absolutely nowhere to store our records! We previously were using an old metal record rack for them but I hated where we had to keep them (right above the dishwasher). I was so scared the steam and moisture would warp and ruin the records! It was a total mess.

However, I found a great deal on a cheap, particle board media stand in the local Facebook Marketplace for just $5! The thing probably cost $30 or so originally and was not in the best shape, but I knew when I saw it that it would be absolutely perfect.

1 Day and $25 Later!

The project in total cost $25 and took me maybe 45 minutes (plus paint drying time) but it gave me exactly the look I wanted for a MUCH less expensive price than if I had gotten one brand new from anywhere else!

All I did was remove the wheels from the bottom, reinforce the base, cover the top with painters tape while I painted the rest white, and replaced the doorknobs. Easiest project in the history of DIY home projects. I'm thinking I'll eventually get a set of 4 hairpin legs for the bottom just to elevate it a little and give some space beneath, but for now this is 100%  perfect! We can even store tapes & CDs and display some knick-knacks on the little shelf above!

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