Sunday, January 6, 2019

Yummy BBQ Korea House

Tucked in an unassuming little building off one of Columbus' main roads is one of my favorite restaurants I've ever eaten at. Large letters on the front proclaim "Yummy BBQ Korea House," and it is absolutely amazing. We first went on recommendation of a friend, and have been back multiple times the past year, never leaving disappointed or without enough food to spare for lunch the next day. 

Meals are all served with their "side dishes," which is essentially a small array of kimchi and other goodies. My favorites are the mung bean sprouts and the tempeh.

Gabby's Picks

  • Tang Su Yuk - It's like a tangier sesame chicken. The chicken is lightly breaded and fried, and the sauce is also made with green bell peppers and carrots. It'll be served with steamed rice, glass noodles, a fried dumpling, a side salad, and these neat little sushi-esque rolls made with beef. The lunch portion feeds me 2 meals and the dinner portion feeds me for 3. 
  • Katsu - Crispy breaded chicken cutlet served with a special sauce and all kinds of goodies like rice and noodles.
  • Kalbi - Prime beef short ribs marinaded in Korean traditional sauce. Need I say more here?

Be sure to stop in and grab a bite at Yummy BBQ Korea House! This is one of the restaurants I can already see myself craving pretty badly when we move!

This post is not sponsored or paid for in any way by Yummy BBQ Korea House or its affiliated parties and partners. This is simply my honest thoughts given organically about a restaurant I love. 

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