Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Image Surfacing: An Example of Lee Krasner's Nonfeminist Art


A constant struggle for women artists throughout history has been the question of their sex: does a woman have the same capacity to create art as men? Does subject matter differ between men and women? At what point is a line drawn where gender is no longer a consideration in the evaluation of an artwork and the full focus lies on the artwork itself? During the Modern Era of Art, there were two groups with very strong opinions: the Separatists, who held very anti-patriarchy/pro-matriarchy views and expressed extreme favoritism for female and feminine subject matter, and the Nonfeminists who simply wanted to be accepted artists without the modifiers of “woman” or “female” in relation to their capability or criticism. Abstract Expressionist painter Lee Krasner belonged to the latter of the two groups.