Sunday, January 20, 2019

Plucked Up Chicken and Biscuits

Sometimes it's best to make your own opinions about something. When we first moved to Columbus, we were told by someone that Plucked Up wasn't that impressive and that there were other restaurants way better. Being new, we sort of just took their word for it until recently. We had noticed how they were constantly busy, and the menu sounded promising, so we finally decided to check it out. I'm so glad that we did!

Just around the corner off a main street in Uptown, Plucked Up Chicken & Biscuits is open for business. They feature breakfast all day, as well as a great menu of more lunch items. They have sweet and savory options to satisfy anyone's taste buds!

They definitely don't take themselves too seriously, with bras and panties hanging from a clothesline as part of their decor and a giant papier-mâché chicken couple overseeing the dining area. The staff is also very friendly and accommodating, even bringing Odin out some treats and water when we sat outside once.

Fried Chicken & Sweet Biscuits

The food is beyond delicious and beyond reasonably priced. Joe & I have yet to spend more that $25 before tipping the server when we go, and I usually have plenty left over for lunch the next day. You'll probably notice I mention this a lot... but since I eat small meals and don't like food to go to waste, it makes me really happy to know that large portions when eating out leave enough for an entire other meal for me!

Gabby's Top Picks:

As cliche as it may sound, I can honestly attest that everything in the menu is amazing. But if I had to choose my favorites...

  • The Skylar - Chicken fingers tossed in buffalo sauce with Lettuce and Tomato served as a biscuit sandwich, served with your choice of ranch or bleu cheese
  • Fried Chicken & Sweet Biscuits - served with bacon jam 
  • The Dillingham - Ham with goat cheese smear & Jalapeno jelly, served over a biscuit

Make sure to swing by and get "Plucked Up" if you're ever in the Columbus area!

This post is not sponsored or paid for in any way by Plucked Up or its affiliated parties and partners. This is simply my honest thoughts given organically about a restaurant I love. 

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