Thursday, September 27, 2018

Odin's Fur Baby Story

Meet Odin!

He's our big ol' wrinkle, a Shar Pei mix (we think with a lab/pittie) and the absolute sweetest dog I've ever seen in my life.

Joe adopted him from a shelter before we were married, but I was there the day we met him for the first time. It was a little over a year since his father had passed away, and he had been having a really hard time with the grief.  We were shopping in our hometown and were walking past the PetSmart to get to the next shop. All of a sudden, one of the animal shelter volunteers brings this big, muscly wrinkle walking past us, and this dog just plows into Joe looking for love and attention. I knew immediately when Joe started genuinely laughing and smiling for the first time in over a year that this was exactly what he needed. We followed the volunteer back inside, where Vegas (Odin's "name" at the time) pushed Joe onto the ground and laid down on top of him, resulting in the picture below.

This right here was the moment I knew it was a done deal. The volunteer told us that the reason he was surrendered to the shelter is because his old owners got mad because they would let him out into their yard and he would wander off... you know, in a non-fenced yard. I'll never quite understand that, but without their irrationality we wouldn't have him in our lives. 

Taken during a rest stop during our move to Fort Benning! He was such a great car rider, seated between the bucket seats of the Penske truck.

The next day, Joe picked him up from the shelter, gave him a more suitable name (that he took to immediately) and the rest is history! He's been such an absolute dream to have in our home. He's a gentle giant, but won't hesitate to protect you against a threat. He loves new friends and demands constant attention from everyone at once when we have company. 

Toby was not a fan of him at first, but they've since grown to love each other a whole lot.

Day 1 of Odin & Toby living together

All the sleepytime snuggles!

He's a big goofball; he likes wearing Joe's old t-shirts, has a very specific taste for classic rock and Frank Sinatra, enjoys squeaky toys shaped like sushi rolls, and had a conniption over experiencing snow for the first time in early 2018.

He was running back and forth so fast, it was impossible to get a good photo!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting Odin! You'll be seeing plenty more of him on the blog, I'm sure!


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